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Pertile ausfahrbarer gebogener Spatel 23 Gauge / 0,6 mm.

Extendible curved spatula. (23 gauge / 0.6 mm)

Artikel-Nr.: 1290.ECS06

  • Packungsgrößen: Box/5
  • Steril: Ja
  • Farbcode: Grün
  • Größe wählen: 23

Bewertungen & Anwenderberichte

Peter Stalmans, MD, PhD,  Belgium

The extendible design with a long tip makes it possible to introduce the device through a straight canula, but once extended the tip of the instrument has a curve of up to 90° which allows the surgeon to use the tip parallel to the retina in any area.

Peter Stalmans, MD, PhD, Belgium

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